Old RCMA Ads

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RCMA has been around since 1963. Here is an old ad from 1967 featuring our products.

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Wayne Goss discussing how amazing our RCMA powder is. But we already knew that. You can view and subscribe to his amazing YouTube channel here!

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RCMA How To Apply Tutorial With Kevin James Bennett

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Here is a great "How to apply" RCMA Tutorial! Many people were asking us what is the best way to apply RCMA. RCMA is a professional grade makeup and is designed to be extremely versatile for the professional makeup artist. Because of this, there is a slight learning curve. To answer this question, we decided to call up our good friend, the amazing two time Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Kevin James Bennet, to help us out. Kevin was gracious enough to show us his tips and tricks to using and working with RCMA! 
Enjoy and thank you for your interest!

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Probably The Best Foundation In The World

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See Wayne Goss on his YouTube channel discussing why RCMA makeup is probably the best foundation in the world. We already knew this but it is nice to hear someone else say it.

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What To Look For In The Perfect Foundation

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See Wayne Goss on his YouTube channel discussing what to look for in the perfect foundation.

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